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We are booking now... Senior Portrait sessions for the class of 24!

How to choose a senior portrait photographer

1. Shop Around – It’s important to at least have an idea of the photography style you like the best, and that comes from researching and looking at photos! Really look at the person in the photograph. You may think, Oh.. that’s a pretty good picture, but would you be happy if it was YOUR image? 


2. Ask to See It All – As you shop around, be sure and ask for samples of entire senior photo sessions (like an entire album). This will help you see if a photographer lacks consistency in the quality of the images.

Senior Portrait pricing products for the Class of 2024!
No price increases - only new options!!


Click on the price sheet image to open a large view of our rates.

Zoom out to see full rate sheet if necessary.

There is no deposit required to make an appointment.

All Senior portraits ordered at Valley Studio are fully polished, finished and beautifully packaged. This is all "included" in our pricing. Yearbook images are

provided after order deposit has been paid. Thumb-drive of all ordered images.


Click here to message us for an appointment!



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